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Abaya  Online in India

An Islamic abaya is a long black garment worn by women in various Muslim nations. The abaya completely covers the body, revealing just the face, hands, and feet. The Islamic abaya is one of the garments worn as a result of Islamic norms governing female wear. The term “abaya” is derived from an Arabic word that means “cloak.” Abayat is the plural of abaya. There are several varieties of Islamic abaya. Some are basic, loose clothes that are thrown over the body from the top of the head, while others are long, hooded coats with sleeves. 

Style and trends are always changing, and most people follow them. Even if the style is important, so is modesty. When it comes to modest clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is an abaya. You may seem exceptionally beautiful and elegant by styling an abaya and selecting the correct one for your body type. Even if abayas aren’t a regular part of your wardrobe and you merely want to wear them to dress up your look. There are a few trends that appear to be subtle, easy, and appropriate for all occasions. While there are some designer abaya online in India at That Adorbs Hijab, that are ideal for particular occasions.  

We at Adorbs feel that fashion is all about expressing one’s individuality, thus we’ve uncovered this fashion line for modest abaya wearers. It’s where you may make your own fashion statement with our designer  black abayas and,  as well as enjoy many design variants, convenience, and on-time delivery. Abaya online in India provides one-of-a-kind abaya designs made with superior fabric quality and moderate complexity. 


How to wash black abayas?  

When it comes time to wash your black  abayas, the first thing you should do is read the care label. There are several varieties of abaya cloth, and some may need to be dry cleaned. If your black abaya has a lot of beading, consider dry cleaning because it may come off in the wash. If you can wash your abaya at home, the question is whether to do it by hand or in the washing machine. Hand cleaning is probably the most secure approach to keep an abaya’s look. 


How to care for your abaya?  


Here are some care instructions for your abayas:  

Hand wash crepe abayas separately in cold water using sensitive detergents that will not wear down the material. To keep the colour of dark colored abayas from fading, opt for specific detergents like  abaya shampoo. 

For the drying process, avoid using a machine drier and instead allow your abaya to air dry. Tossing your abaya in the dryer exposes it to high temperatures, causing the fabric to shrink and the colors to fade. 

To keep the colors of your  black abayas from fading, store them properly in your closet and away from direct sunlight. 


 How do I iron my abaya?  

We strongly advise you to hang dry your  black abaya. Never spin or tumble dry your clothes. Hang your abaya on a hanger and iron or steam press it. This is also the finest method for steaming pleats. 


What to wear under an abaya?  

From flared trousers to jeggings to jeans or a long dress of breathable fabric to make it into fancy evening wear. Regardless of the outfit underneath the abaya, it should be comfortable and appropriately covered up to fulfill the purpose of ‘modest wear’. 

Selecting an Abaya can always be a task as you never know who to trust. A number of questions might come to your mind like, is the material legit? Will the color fade away? etc, etc.
Well not to worry as we at That Adorbs Hijab have got you covered. Check out our Abayas collection to buy the best hijab online.














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