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Buy Satin hijab and Satin Scarf Online In India

Satin fabric is made of silk, polyester, and nylon. Many years ago, China made this fabric for beddings and clothing. It soon became a favorite fabric of the European royal families. Gradually satin fabric became a symbol of richness and luxury. Our satin hijabs promise elegance and class at all your special occasions and weddings/ceremonies. Super soft and light as a feather, it is a perfect addition to flaunt that ethnic hijab style or the modest evening gowns. No matter the weather, Adorbshijabs will be light and smooth on your skin so that you can head out in your stylish best. Complete your look with our rich classic finish satin hijabs. Please choose from our brilliant shiny and silky satin hijabs to add charm to your wardrobes.  


Characteristics of Satin: 

Glossy: Satin is a soft and luxurious fabric with a distinctive sheen. It is glossy on the right side and dulls on the back because of its weft threads. 

Wrinklefree: Unlike other fabrics, satin fabric develops fewer wrinkles compared to other fabrics. 

Suitability: Satin fabric speaks elegance and grace. It is a popular fabric in the gown industry primarily because of its sheer elegance and luxury. 

Maintenance: Satin is a delicate fabric and needs to be properly maintained to avoid losing its shine and gloss. Dry cleaning is normally preferred for satin outfits. 


How can I store satin hijabs? 

Satin hijabs are delicate material, so it is always good to keep satin hijabs safely in paper bags. Avoid folding on the same crease not to damage the hijab. Limit your Satin hijabs to 2 or 3 folds as it may crease your hijab. 


Which kind of pins can I use on Satin hijabs? 

You wouldn’t want your stylish satin hijab to have pinholes and ruin your hijab. The best kind of pins that you can use is our beautiful magnetic pins. They will not cause any damage to your hijab. Easy and convenient to use. Most appropriate for your satin hijabs. 


How can I remove stains from my satin hijab? 

Soak the stain and spot clean it with mild cleaning solutions. Avoid spreading the stain as it will only cause more harm to the delicate fabric. After cleaning it, you may wash it in the washing machine with cleaning solutions to remove any residual stain. 


How can I avoid wrinkles on my satin hijab? 

To avoid wrinkles on your satin hijab, avoid washing it in a washing machine. Washing it in a machine will only increase the chances of getting wrinkled. Satin hijabs are wrinkle-prone when damp or hot, always let it dry and cool and then wear it. You may also use a wrinkle removing spray if need be on your satin hijabs. 


How to style my satin square hijab? 

Master wearing your satin hijab effortlessly from our tutorial on Instagram. 

Trends will come and go, but the true charm of satin hijabs will be ageless. Evolve your style with our premium satin square hijabs available in stunning patterns and colors. 


Why you Should Buy Satin Hijab from That Adorbs Hijab?


If you’re still hoping to find a premium Satin Hijab with great color combinations and designs that suits your style, then we’ve got good news for you. At That Adorbs Hijab, we’ve created different types of design types just for you to choose from- Square Satin Scarves and Beaded Satin Hijab are some of the most sought-after Hijabs that you can buy. The Design and Elegance of these Scarfs will surely blow your expectations and are going to be your favorite go-to hijabs.

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Treat yourself with our colorful and edgy satin hijabs. Look and feel your best in our luxuriously soft satin hijabs. Available in colors and designs to match every look. 

Apart from the amazing Latest Hijabs & Scarfs, you also have the luxury to choose affordable accessories at That Adorbs Hijab like Scrunchies, Pins, Caps, Hijab Friendly Mask Extender, and Neck Cover Collars.














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