Cotton Hijab

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Cotton Hijab

Cotton is one of the most popular and highly produced fabrics globally—best known for its breathability and lightness. The soft and flexible cotton material will help you achieve your desired style within minutes. Our premium cotton hijab is comfortable to wear and will not be a burden to wrap and wear. These comfortable and non-slippy hijabs are so much easier to carry when you have to run errands. Our Premium Cotton hijab online is made of a cotton and spandex combination with a gentle crinkle, making them wrinkle-resistant and easy to style thanks to their elasticity and non-slippery composition. Fringe trimming completes this alluring must-have, making it the perfect piece for any occasion. Wrap the cotton hijab scarf around your head, and you are good to go! Our cotton hijabs are convenient to wash, and these cotton hijabs will not lose their softness and class while being the perfect gift option for any female.


Characteristics of Cotton Hijabs:

Absorbent: Cotton is a fabric best known for absorbing water, making it a perfect choice for hijabs for the extreme summer conditions in India as you’ll not feel suffocating or too sweaty in our cotton hijab. 

Natural fiber: Cotton is a naturally occurring fiber; since it is available in its purest form, it does not require too many processes to be making it into yarn and die it into the beautiful colors available in nature.  

Lightweight: A cotton hijab scarf is lightweight and easy to carry, it is a fabric easy to drape around and style without making it feel heavy on our body. 


Can I style cotton hijabs? 

Yes. Cotton hijabs are easy to style when you want to sport a fuss-free and quick hijab style. Cotton hijabs are the best pick. Our cotton hijabs require minimal styling efforts, Just wear the Hijab Under caps and Pin your hijab and you’re set to go. So for all you busy bees, here are our cotton hijabs to your rescue. 


How can I wash my cotton hijab? 

It is always advisable to use a mild detergent to wash your cotton hijab. You can either machine wash your hijab or hand wash it. Use the delicate cycle to clean your hijabs in a washing machine. 


How can I clear stains from my Cotton hijab? 

Only hand wash or machine wash in warm water with scarves of like colors. Dry on a low setting in the tumble dryer. Spot treat make-up or oil stains using a stain remover. The stretch fabric will shrink in the wash due to its nature. It’s as good as new once ironed!


Do cotton hijab cling to our bodies? 

No, cotton is a very lightweight material. Since it is naturally occurring and available in its purest form, you will not find it sticking to your body even in the summer months. For those living in warmer regions of India, a cotton hijab scarf will keep you away from hot flashes. Because of its lightweight, you can easily drape it around and feel relaxed. 

Now you can experiment with different outfits and cotton hijabs to have that quirky appeal. Grab your favorite That Adorbs hijab scarf, pair it up with ethnic outfits or comfy casual clothes, and amp up your style with our Cotton Hijabs.

Selecting a Cotton hijab can always be a task as you never know who to trust. A number of questions might come to your mind like, is the material legit? Will the color fade away? etc, etc.
Well not to worry as we at That Adorbs Hijab have got you covered. Check out our Cotton Hijab collection to buy the best hijab online.


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