Viscose Hijab

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Viscose Hijab 

Viscose is a semi-synthetic rayon-like fabric made from wood pulp. It is made from renewable plants and is considered an environmentally friendly fiber. Therefore, it cannot be regarded as a purely natural or purely synthetic fiber. To create viscose fabric, wood pulp undergoes several chemical and manufacturing processes. Viscose hijab is a great option if you are looking for a hijab that drapes around your body easily. Our Premium Viscose hijabs online are made of a medium-weight cotton jersey fabric that is of exceptional quality. This opulent maxi wrap flows and drapes beautifully, making it the ideal hijab for any iconic design, from a fashionable turban up-style to an effortlessly stylish over-the-shoulder drape. This Viscose wrap will alter your life since it is completely opaque and has a silky stitch. Our superior viscose hijabs will work well if you love modest fashion. Pair it with your casual or elegant outfits. It will always rock your style goals. We aim to make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. Find viscose hijabs in the most beautiful colors to match all your outfits in your wardrobe only at That Adorbs hijabs. 


Characteristics Of Viscose:

Absorbent: Viscose is sweat and water-absorbent fabric that makes it good at retaining body heat. 

Breathable: The fabric is super light and airy that can be used in the warmer months and colder months of the year. It keeps you warm in winter and cools in summer. 

Dyes easily: Viscose fabric can be dyed into any color easily. Even after multiple uses of the material, the color will not fade. 


What material is Viscose?

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric that is used in clothing, upholstery, and other products. It’s made from wood pulp that’s been processed and spun into threads before being used to manufacture fabric. The viscose fabric is smooth, glossy, and lightweight, and it drapes beautifully.


Can I wear a Viscose hijab in summer?

Yes, viscose is made up of both natural and synthetic elements, making it one of the most comfortable textiles to wear. It’s a great choice for hot summer days and nights since it absorbs sweat and heat away. The breathable quality of the Viscose cloth is responsible for these activities.


Can Viscose hijab shrink in cold water?

No, viscose hijab does not shrink in cold water. While washing your viscose hijab, always wash it in cold water to avoid shrinkage. It is advised to prevent warm water.


Does Viscose Hijab wrinkle easily?

Yes. When dried or cleaned, viscose might shrink. It is an extremely fragile fabric, and the heat and action of a washer and dryer will shorten and shrink the fibers. Handwashing and air-drying viscose will prevent shrinkage, or it may be dry cleaned.


Is Viscose Hijab stretchy?

It usually does not stretch, but it might damage it permanently if you wash your hijab in warm or hot water. Always read the care instructions when you wash your hijab.  


Why should you buy a Viscose Hijab from That Adorbs Hijab?

If you’re still hoping to find a Premium Viscose Hijab with great color combinations and designs that suit your style, then we’ve got good news for you. At That Adorbs Hijab, we’ve created different types of design types just for you to choose from- Ribbed Viscose Hijab and Lace Hijabs are some of the most sought-after Hijabs that you can buy. The Design and Elegance of these Scarfs will surely blow your expectations and are going to be your favorite go-to hijabs.

Selecting a Viscose Hijab can always be a task as you never know who to trust. A number of questions might come to your mind like, is the material legit? Will the colour fade away? etc, etc.
Well not to worry as we at That Adorbs Hijab have got you covered. Check out our Viscose Hijab collection to buy the best hijab online.

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