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Shop for the Best Jersey Hijab Collection online in India


Jersey fabric was originally made from wool. This super-soft stretchy fabric is now made of cotton, cotton blends, and other synthetic fibres. These premium jersey hijabs are wrinkle-resistant and breathable. The soft and non-slip jersey material will help you style conveniently and quickly. That’s not all, jersey hijabs can also be a comfortable choice for workouts. Our incredibly high-quality, stretchy, soft, and durable jersey hijabs are easy to drape, making them your go-to hijab. You can get a little experimental with jersey hijabs and sport different hijab styles. Jersey hijabs are appropriately sized and ideal for draping. Express your best fashion sense in our gorgeous jersey hijabs. 


Characteristics of Jersey:

Stretchy: Jersey-knit is a stretchy fabric, throw it around your head with sleek formal outfits to complete your boardroom look. 

Soft: Jersey is a soft fabric, which will provide great comfort to you

Opaque: Jersey is an opaque fabric because of its composition. Light can’t pass through it, making it an appropriate material for hijab. 

Breathable: Jersey fabric is made of breathable fibre, ideal for hijab. 

Drapability: Jersey fabrics can be beautifully draped because of their unique fibre composition. 


How do I wash my Jersey hijab?

Use mild detergent and wash it with similar colours to avoid getting stains of other fabric colours. Please do not use bleach to remove any stains from the hijab as it may damage the fabric. Use cold water to wash the hijab. Jersey hijab may shrink after washing, stretch the hijab, and you will be able to retain its original shape after washing. 


When can I wear a Jersey hijab? 

Jersey hijabs can be worn on any occasion, for a workout session or a casual outing with friends. Since jersey hijabs are wrinkle-resistant, it is easier and convenient to wear without worrying about ironing it. 


Can I wear a Jersey Hijab in Summer?  

Jersey hijab is suitable for all seasons. As the jersey fabric has sweat-absorbent properties, it works well in warmer climates. Jersey hijabs are a great choice for winters, too, since the fabric keeps you warm and cozy. 


Can I Iron a Jersey Hijab? 

Jersey hijabs are made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics, which do not require much ironing. If need be, jersey hijabs can be ironed on a low setting. For those who dislike the task of iron, it is the best hijab type.    


Can I drape Jersey Hijab? 

Yes, you can easily drape jersey hijabs. The stretchy and multi-functional fabric moulds to you, so you can easily drape and wrap jersey hijab in different styles and feel comfortable at all events. 

Adorbshijab’s wide range of jersey hijabs will inspire more young Muslim girls to wear hijabs. We’ve created the most buttery soft, and comfortable hijabs to help you style effortlessly. Check out our amazing jersey hijab collection and pick hijabs in your favourite colours to look dreamy and chic. 


Why should you Buy Jersey Hijabs from That Adorbs Hijab?


If you’re still hoping to find everyday wear Jersey Hijab with great colour combinations and designs that suits your style, then we’ve got good news for you. At That Adorbs Hijab, we’ve created different types of design types just for you to choose from- Tie Dye Hijabs, Ribbed Jersey Hijabs and Textured Jersey Hijabs are some of the most sought-after Hijabs that you can buy. The Design and Elegance of these Scarfs will surely blow your expectations and are going to be your favourite go-to hijabs.

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Apart from the amazing Latest Hijabs & Scarfs, you also have the luxury to choose affordable accessories at That Adorbs Hijab like Scrunchies, Pins, Caps, Hijab Friendly Mask Extender, and Neck Cover Collars.













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