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Hijab for Kids 

With fun colors and lightweight fabric, the Adorbs kids hijab comes with pre-sewn hijabs to match your little one. Our hijab for kids collections collection is not your typical hijab. It’s made of a soft jersey and viscose blend with a feathery touch for ultimate comfort for little girls. These hijabs are easy to style and give your daughter the ultimate freedom to dress.

Introducing the pre-sewn Adorbs Kids Hijab that offers a blend of lightweight materials fun colors and for your little one. Our hijab for kids collection is not your typical hijab, it’s specifically made to meet the requirements of young hijabis. These hijabs are easy to style & wear making it easier & comfortable for your little hijabi to dress in modest wear. 

We’ve created premium hijabs that are ultra-convenient, easily slips on and off, and kid-friendly hijabs for your adorable young girls. It’s made of a soft jersey and viscose blend with a feathery touch to provide your little one with ultimate comfort and style. These hijab for girls are colorful, versatile, and suitable for ages starting from 1.5 to 14 years and above. The collection is tailored for the kids & young Hijabis, making it easier for them to style and make a stunning & powerful duo with your daughter, little sister, niece, or other young hijabis in your life. It’s ideal for all occasions, including school, sports, and regular everyday wear. These lightweight, durable hijabs are the best inspiration for your little heads to begin their hijab journey & fall in love with modest wear. Our hijab for kids is available in multiple shades and standard sizes for kids. 




1.5 – 4 years 

These lightweight and pre-sewn hijabs are perfect for matching with the mini you. The viscose and jersey blend made in kids’ size will keep your little girl cool in the heat while making her feel like a princess in her wonderland. This material blend is superior to most other fabrics because it does not accumulate lint balls when over-worn and does not stretch out after a wash. 

The Adorbs pull-on hijab is made to be a quick and easy head wrap. Simply pull the hijab over your little one’s head and adjust it into place. It’s that easy!!! Our friendly hijab for kids does not require any pins making it safer to use and preventing little girls from hurting themselves. This hijab is ideal to wear on the go or for everyday walks for girls between the age group of 1.5 – 4 years. 


5-6 years 

With Adorbs’ line of pull on hijabs for kids, you can give your daughter the gift of modesty. The transition can be difficult, but your child will fall in love with their new wardrobe staple thanks to these breathable, soft pieces.

Our Hijab’s silhouette is long and relaxed, providing full coverage while remaining comfortable enough for class and play. The beautiful viscose jersey blend fabric is easy to clean, so you can be confident that your hijab will last for years. The hijab for girls comes in fun & vibrant colors for 5-6-year-olds hijabis to keep them excited & match with any outfit. They’re the perfect solution to keep your little one in style just like you and have the cutest twinning of your life. 


7-8 years 

With our pull-on hijabs, matching outfits & hijabs with your little one have never been easier. They’re designed to be fully opaque and pre-sewn in vibrant colors. Our pull-on hijabs help you get your little princess ready and out the door in no time, without the need for pins or under scarves. They’re suitable for 7- 8-year-olds allowing them to learn to dress up on there with little or no help. Our breathable blend of viscose and jersey fabric is easy to handle and ideal for school, sports, Quran classes, and everyday life.


9-10 years 

It’s a sunnah to encourage your little princess to wear a hijab from a young age and our hijab for kids is the perfect way to do so. So don’t you start as well by adding a beautiful & stylish hijab to their wardrobe which makes them fall in love with Modest wear? Our new hijab for kids is super comfortable, made of a stretchy jersey and viscose blend which are available in sizes tailored for children aged 9 to 10, with ultra-convenient pre-sewn designs that you can easily slip on and off with no pins required whatsoever! Each hijab features beautiful embroidery and hot fixed jewels & sequins which give it that luxurious feel. 

Available in 6 fun and vibrant colors to match your daughter’s outfits and bring out her personality. Our hijabs are made for parents who want to take a holistic approach to their daughter’s most important daily activities along with masjid visits, holidays, and Islamic schools. Our hijab for girls collection is available in varied lengths, allowing young girls to create the most out of their modest wardrobes.  


11-13 years 

Adorbs pull-on viscose jersey hijab for kids is good quality, light-weight hijab for preteens aged 11-13. This kid-friendly hijab is the ideal complement for your daughter’s everyday look, with a comfortable fit that will help her feel stylish and confident. It’s the perfect size for all-day comfort and movement for our young hijabis. 

These hijabs are carefully designed to complement the set criteria for appropriate modest wear for young girls, raising the bar and elevating their modest look experience. This high-quality hijab requires no pins and is easy to manage, making it ideal for young girls to wear on their own. 



Our hijab for girls collection was designed for allowing young girls to have access to premium, colorful, and versatile hijabs. For our younger audience, we have created small-size hijabs within our jersey and viscose blend collections, making it easier for them to style their hijabs exactly how they like them!

Because the pull-on style is pre-sewn, it allows young girls to manage it independently. The viscose jersey blend hijab is a no-slip one, eliminating the need for pins, which causes unnecessary fuss when wearing a hijab in a hurry. Available in trendy colors that will roll you back in time while involving your daughter or little sister in the process of wearing the hijab!

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