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Georgette hijab 

Georgette is a material that is quite similar to chiffon in that both are made of 100% high-grade polyester and add an exquisite touch to any outfit. Our georgette hijab online is somewhat thicker and more opaque than our chiffon hijabs, and they have a distinct ‘crepe’ texture that makes them suitable for both day and evening wear. Our georgette hijab online is lightweight, soft, and flowing, with a smooth, lightweight non-slide fabric. Georgette is the ideal fabric for distinguishing one’s hijab style from the rest. These hijabs are a must-have for your wardrobe! Georgette is a flowing, rich fabric with the appearance of exquisite silk. This material, on the other hand, is fairly solid and powerful. If not cleaned correctly, washing and fading might be a problem.


How do you maintain your georgette hijab? 

  • When washing georgette fabric, you need to take extra precautions. Remember the following:
  • It should preferably be cleaned by hand.
  • Never wash georgette in a washing machine.
  • In cold water, use a light detergent.
  • Overexposure to sunlight might cause the fabric’s color to fade.
  • To dry, lay the hijab flat.
  • Georgette hijabs are ideal for the following occasions:
  • Any time of year
  • Every day or that dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion
  • If you don’t mind wearing a hijab cap/ underscarf. 


What are the hijab styles that work well with georgette fabric? 

Georgette is a drapey fabric that can complement any hijab style, over-the-shoulder style is a classic one that is comfortable and easy to sport. The turban style and the ‘double-wrap,’ which is pinned beneath the chin and wrapped around the head is quite a fashion in the modest wear category. 


Do you need an underscarf for a georgette hijab? 

Georgette hijab online has a drapey characteristic that can be styled without the underscarf. But for a ‘good hijab day’ you must wear an underscarf to make it look even more stylish and comfortable to wear. 


Is georgette fabric good for hijab? 

Georgette is a sheer and breathable fabric that is easy to drape and makes it a comfortable choice for a day out or even for everyday use because of its lightweight structure and easy usability.

Selecting a Georgette hijab can always be a task as you never know who to trust. A number of questions might come to your mind like, is the material legit? Will the color fade away? etc, etc.
Well not to worry as we at That Adorbs Hijab have got you covered. Check out our Georgette Hijab collection to buy the best hijab online.

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