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Instant hijab

Comfort made Stylish with Adorbs Readymade Hijab

Introducing our Readymade Hijab Collection that’s designed to provide stylish, modest, and quick hijab designs to meet your everyday work & college needs!

What exactly is it about a good instant jersey hijab that makes it so popular? The biggest factor is that you don’t require any underscarf or pins to style them! This makes it a hassle-free, convenient & quick solution for all your everyday needs. Made out of our premium Jersey fabric it’s of the perfect weight, stretch, size, and quality. While Adorbs’ instant hijab is ideal for all things casual, think of it as your “go-to” hijab that you can throw on and go & pair with dressier or just casual outfits! 

Wearing comfortable, premium instant jersey hijabs that are effortless and chic takes less than a minute. Because our readymade hijab is stitched all the way around, you won’t have to worry about pins or magnets, and you can wear them without any fuss. Our instant hijab collection includes ultra-light and breathable head wraps that provide full coverage without the need for layering, making movement comfortable and easy. Simply slip it on and you’re ready to go & capture the world outside!

This instant jersey hijab will change your life because it is completely opaque and has a smooth stitch. So get your hands on our unique instant hijab collection, which has a buttery feel and keeps you cool all day.


How to Take Care of Your Readymade Hijab

One of the many advantages of our Instant Hijabs is their ability to withstand multiple washing cycles. Most hijabis are hesitant to wash their hijabs because they can lose their elasticity. However, properly caring for your readymade Hijabs will ensure their longevity and beauty and before you know they’ll quickly become your favorites!

You can hand wash or machine wash them in warm water with other hijabs of similar colors. Place in a washer bag if possible, but this is not required, and dry them on low heat. The stretch fabric will shrink in the wash due to its nature but once ironed it’s as good as new!


How to wash your Instant Hijab if it gets stained?

You can treat a stain on your readymade hijab with any regular stain remover. Then, with similar colors and warm water, toss it in the washing machine. A low-heat run through the dryer may shrink the jersey knit fabric and quick low-heat ironing or steam will stretch it back to its original size.

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